Consecrate them in the truth. Your word is truth.

Have you ever set something apart for a specific purpose? For instance, you probably use your fine linens and best dishes for a holiday celebration, not for a quick snack. You wear a tuxedo or a fancy gown for a formal dinner, not to mow the lawn. That’s the theme of today’s Gospel. Jesus is asking his Father to consecrate us—to set us apart— for a holy purpose. He is praying that we be dedicated in service to the truth.

To be consecrated to Jesus and his truth means to be right where he wants us. It means to be ready to do whatever will help him accomplish his purposes. It also means that we can’t give unholy thoughts and desires a place in our minds and hearts. Nor can we allow our minds to be filled only with our plans and agendas. We don’t want to miss opportunities to share God’s love with someone, for example, or to offer to pray with a friend.

Jesus knew how difficult it would be for us to remain set apart for him in a world filled with temptation. So he prayed that we would remain faithful to our calling: “Holy Father, keep them in your name” (John 17:11). He prayed that we would live in unity with each other: “That they may be one just as we are” (17:11). He prayed that we be delivered from the devil’s deceptions: “That you keep them from the Evil One” (17:15). Even today, he continues to pray for us, always asking his Father to keep transforming us and renewing our minds for his purposes.

You will find each of these petitions of our Lord echoed in the prayer that he taught us. When you pray the Our Father, imagine that you and Jesus are praying together that you be set apart with the Father: “Hallowed be thy name.” You ask the Father to help you live in unity with others: “As we forgive those who trespass against us.” And you can ask him to keep you from the evil one: “Lead us not into temptation.”

May we be consecrated in the truth! May we all set out the fine china and brush off our best outfits so that we’re ready to work for God’s holy purposes!

“Our Father in heaven, set me apart and use me for your glory.”

Acts 20:28-38
Psalm 68:29-30, 33-36
John 17:11-19


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