Give thanks to the Lord. 

What an appropriate refrain to sing during this Octave of Easter!   Of course we should give thanks: Jesus has just risen from the dead.   But there’s a way that these words are appropriate on any day of the year—even today!

Why give thanks?   Because in a world filled with uncertainty, God never changes.   He was good today, he is good on everyday, and he is good today.   His mercy persists, despite our sins.   He walks with us through all of our joys and sorrows.   So, give thanks!

Give thanks because God is always good.   Out of his goodness, he created you.   Out of his goodness, he established hope-filled plans for your life and surrounded you with his love.   He is at work day after day, seeking to draw you closer to him on earth and to bring you to eternal life with him in heaven.   Regardless of what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow,   God intends good for you today.   He has grace for you today to face whatever comes your way.   He is leading you even when you can’t see the way.

Give thanks because God’s mercy endures forever.   It endures for all people, through all generations, from eternity to eternity.   His mercy endures toward you, even when you forget about him, or sin, or harden your heart toward him.   His mercy persists; he will never cease reaching out to you and to your loved ones with mercy and love.

Give thanks because God is with you.   You are never alone. Before you open your eyes each morning, he is there.   He accompanies you at every turn.   He delights to pour his love and grace upon you as you pray.   His Spirit nudges you during your day to with quiet reminders that he is there.   In your moments of gladness, he rejoices with you.   In your dark valleys of struggle, he walks beside you and gives you strength.   He will never leave you.

So give thanks for every blessing you can recall and for all those yet to come.   Give thanks for God’s mercy and for his presence.   Yes, give thanks even if you don’t feel it.   Give thanks because God is near—in good times and bad.   Turn your heart to him, for he is good, and his mercy endures forever.

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