God shall give them light, and they shall reign forever and ever. 

Are you one of those people who can’t help but peek at the end of a book long before you actually get there?   You know, the type who wants to know whether or not the good guys are going to win out?

You might call John’s vision in Revelation the happy ending to our story.   It shows that the good guys—Jesus and his followers—really do win in the end.   It’s no coincidence that this reading is used on the last day of the liturgical year.   The Church wants to show us where our lives are headed.   It wants to give us a sense of hope and anticipation as we work through all the ups and downs of life.

Imagine what that glorious day will be like!   Let’s lift up our hearts and use this reading to praise God for all that he has planned for us!

“Thank you, Lord, for offering me refreshment in a ‘river of life-giving water, sparkling like crystal.’   No longer do I thirst for meaning, for love, or for joy.   My fulfillment comes from you;  your own river quenches my every thirst for you!

“Praise to you, Lord, that you provide healing and strength from the ‘tree of life’! I am no longer cut off by sin;  access to that blessed tree is now open!   You offer me its delicious fruit once more!

“Even more than that, Lord, you tell me, ‘Nothing accursed will be found anymore’ in my life.   In heaven, death, illness, and hardship will be no more.   You will wipe every tear from my eyes and remove all ‘death or mourning, wailing or pain.’

“Lord, you also promise that ‘Night will be no more,’ for you will become my light. No more confusion!   No more temptation!   No more darkness of guilt and sin!

“Oh Lord, I am in awe!   You have promised that I will stand before your heavenly throne and finally see you face-to-face!   There will no longer be any separation.   I will see you and belong wholly to you!

“Thank you, Lord, for this vision, which gives me strength and joy.   Thank you, Jesus, that you walk with me here on earth, and you draw me to your side for my own happy ending!”

Word Among Us

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