Hail, Mary, full of grace! The Lord is with you.

“Holy Mary, we are in awe of the grace that God has given you.  You said yes to his angel even though you knew so little about how God’s plan would work out.   Thank you for setting an example of trust in the Lord!   I try to manage every detail in my life.   I have a hard time trusting that Jesus is in control.   Mary, pray that I can trust that God has power over every circumstance that life throws at me.

“Mary, you showed such courage!   Though you were aware of the persecution you might experience, you had the courage to accept God’s will.   Thank you for bravely choosing God’s plan despite the danger.   I sometimes struggle to be bold in my faith, especially when I fear that people might disapprove of the way I am following your Son.   It is often easier to listen to their opinions rather than to stay true to the Lord.   Mary, pray for me to have the courage that you had.   I want to be brave enough to take the same leap of faith you did.

“Mary, you put aside your own plans to do God’s will.   Though everything seemed to be set for your future with Joseph, you chose to embrace something new, different, and challenging.   Thank you for your selflessness!   I can struggle setting aside my plans when I sense that the Lord is calling me to something bigger and better.   I want to be more flexible with my time.   I want my plans to be the Lord’s plans.   Mary, pray for me to be open and flexible.   Pray that my plans and the Lord’s plans would grow to align with each other.

“Mary, at such a young age, you delighted to do God’s will!   You didn’t just accept his plan, you found joy in it—even in those parts of his plan that remained a mystery to you.   Thank you for giving us an example of what it means to love and serve God so fully.   I find myself reluctant when I am trying to follow God’s plan for me.   There are times when I want to go another way. Mary, help me to show the same love you showed God in your yes to his angel!

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