He settled there for a year and a half and taught the word of God among them.

When we think of St. Paul, we tend to focus on the more action-filled episodes of his life—the missionary trips as well as the shipwrecks, beatings, trials, and imprisonments. But today’s first reading shows us that Paul also enjoyed periods of relative calm and peace. So what was his life like during that year and a half he spent in Corinth, and what can we learn from his time there?

We know that Paul worked at his tent-making trade with his fellow disciples, Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18:2-3). On the Sabbath, he would go to the local synagogue to talk about Jesus (18:4). During that time, both Jews and Greeks were converted, and the Corinthian community grew.

Few of us will ever travel the world as Paul did, nor are we ever likely to face an angry crowd. Much of our lives will look more like the “in-between” times of Paul’s life. They might seem routine or mundane to us, but as it was for St. Paul, so it is for us: times like these are full of potential.

For example, Paul’s business allowed him to support himself while he engaged in his missionary activities. That included evangelizing as well as caring for the Corinthian community and helping them to mature. His job brought him into contact with people from many different walks of life; surely he brought some of them to faith in Christ! Our day-to-day lives might seem boring or uneventful to us, but they are likely filled with opportunities to share our faith and build the kingdom of God.

The quieter seasons in our lives might also allow us to spend more time in prayer. It’s likely that these calmer periods gave Paul the opportunity to study, learn, and pray. He may have used these times to write some of the letters that have become treasured parts of Sacred Scripture.

Your life might seem quiet, busy, or downright turbulent right now. Wherever you find yourself, thank the Lord for where he has you. Then trust him to help you to live out your calling right here and right now.

“Jesus, help me to live as your disciple in the everyday moments of my life.”

Psalm 47:2-7
John 16:20-23
Acts 18:9-18


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