He went over to see if he could find anything on it. 

Here’s a riddle:  What do fig trees and God’s grace have in common?   If you guessed, “They both bear fruit,” you’re right.   It’s in their natures to be fruitful.   Perhaps this is why, in Scripture, Jesus was looking for figs even though it was out of season.   It might not have made sense to the disciples at first, but over time they understood:  if it’s in your nature to be fruitful, you’re going to bear fruit—at least when it comes to godliness.

God wants all of us to produce fruit year-round, in season and out of season.   The good news is that he’s not just sitting back waiting for us to do so.   He is constantly pouring his grace into us, healing our memories, and urging us to go out and do the work he has called us to do.   Every gift of grace is like a seed waiting to sprout.   Every act of healing and mercy is like gentle rain, softening that seed.   Every bit of nourishment from the Bread of Life and the word of God provides even more energy to send us out.   God never stops caring for us.

Think about all the ways that you are already bearing spiritual fruit.   When you’re patient with your kids, especially when they are pushing your buttons, that’s fruit.   When you use your talent in business to provide for your family, you’re bearing fruit.   Even something as simple as letting another driver merge in front of you can be the fruit of grace in your life.

Grace brings spiritual fruit.   That’s just what it does.   You know that you’ve received grace from God, so you can reasonably expect to see something come of it.   Keep your eyes open.   God is at work, empowering you to bear fruit year-round, and he is eager to see what that fruit ends up looking like.

word among us