They knew not the hidden counsels of God

Can’t you just hear these words describing the religious leaders who were opposed to Jesus?   The very things they plotted against him would be turned upside down by God’s “hidden counsels.” Jesus’ death would not stop him;   it would vindicate his righteousness and show God’s power to deliver us and save us!

God’s mysterious ways are at work in your life as well.   When you face a challenge or trial, you might be tempted to think it means that God isn’t with you or that he isn’t paying attention to your prayers for help.   But more likely than not, he is just moving in ways you can’t perceive at that moment.

This is the challenge of faith:   to believe that God sees a much bigger picture than we do, and to trust that he knows what he is doing.   So how can we do that?

One way is to look at the Scriptures.   The Old Testament is full of stories of how God’s “hidden counsels” took something evil and turned it around for the good.   Think about Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers.   God used him to preserve the Israelites during a severe famine (Genesis 37).   Or think of Abraham taking his son, Isaac, up the mountain to sacrifice him—at God’s command.   God saved Isaac at the very last minute and showed Abraham (and us) just how much he appreciates our faith (22:1-19).

Perhaps you can recall a difficult time in your own life where you now understand how God deepened your faith or brought about an outcome better than you expected.   With hindsight, you can see he was clearly at work.   Let these insights serve as a foundation for you when challenging events arise in the future.

Whenever you are facing a trial, ask your heavenly Father to show you his hidden counsels.   You probably won’t get an answer right away—that’s why they’re called “hidden.”   Still, take the situation as an opportunity to strengthen your faith.   Remember, you are God’s precious child.   So keep trusting him, and ask him to show you how near he is and how much he loves you.   Even if you don’t understand his ways now, ask him to fill you with peace in not knowing everything.

Word Among Us