I have found the book of the law in the temple. 

Have you ever wondered what remnants of twenty-first century life archaeologists will find hundreds of years from now?   They might piece together televisions, computers, or the odd kitchen stove.   They could learn much in the ruins of shopping malls, houses, and churches.   Maybe they’ll even uncover a book or other artifact that could move people to worship God!   That is what happened in Scripture.

King Josiah was overseeing the renovation of the Temple of Jerusalem.   During their work, the builders discovered a copy of the “book of the law,” which was probably the Old Testament Book of Deuteronomy.   It had been lost, but for how long, no one knows. When Shaphan, the scribe, read the book to the king, Josiah responded by tearing his garments in repentance and renewing the covenant with God.   The words of Scripture changed King Josiah’s heart and turned an entire nation back to the Lord.

That’s how powerful Scripture is!   It has the ability to draw hearts to the Lord.   It reveals who God is, and it can shape people’s thoughts and behavior.   But none of this can happen unless people read Scripture prayerfully and meditate on it with an open heart.

Why is the Bible capable of doing all this?   Because it is no ordinary book.   It is “living and effective,” the very word of God.   When we read Scripture with an open heart, God himself speaks to us.   The Holy Spirit brings the words to life for us, just as he did for Josiah.

Maybe you already have a routine for reading the Bible.   You might have a daily reading plan, or maybe you have worked your way through one of the Gospels.   Perhaps this magazine is your main resource for reading Scripture.   If you’ve been doing any of these for even a short amount of time, you surely have a few stories about how the word of God has touched you, moved you, and shaped you.   See if you can recall one or two of them today.

One more thing: not only is the Bible the word of God, but it is timeless.   So centuries from now, our descendants won’t need to discover an old Bible in a ruined church.   They’ll be reading it too!

word among us