I have seen the Lord. 

Life for Mary Magdalene could not have been easy before she met Jesus.   Imagine being possessed by seven different demons!   What relief and gratitude must have flooded her heart when Jesus set her free!   Her life could finally get back to normal.

Only it didn’t.   Instead of staying in her familiar hometown of Magdala, she left everything behind to follow him.   She joined up with some other women who had been healed by Jesus and accompanied him wherever he went.   Along with them, she even provided for Jesus and his apostles out of her means (Luke 8:2-3).

It was a radical decision, and no doubt it was shocking to people.   A woman living in such circumstances in those days would have been subject to misunderstanding and suspicion.   But Mary Magdalene was determined to follow Jesus, wherever that led.   In the end, she followed him all the way to Calvary and then to his tomb.   It was there that she encountered the risen Jesus and was commissioned to announce his resurrection to the apostles.

Each of us can probably remember times when God brought us to freedom.   It might have been some area of weakness or a struggle that held us back and maybe crippled us in some way.   As wonderful as the experience of God’s mercy is, it’s even more wonderful to think about how our healing or deliverance can set us free to live more radically for Jesus.   But don’t worry; you don’t have to follow Mary’s example of becoming a traveling missionary.

For example, maybe you have been able to pay off some long-standing debt.   Perhaps that could be the catalyst to become more generous to the poor.   Or maybe overcoming an illness makes it easier for you to get up a little earlier each day to pray and read Scripture.   Or perhaps a reconciliation with a family member opens doors for you to share your faith more openly.   Jesus loves to heal us, and he loves even more to draw us closer to his side.

Today, let’s ask St. Mary Magdalene to intercede for us.   May we follow Jesus wherever that leads us.   May we become disciples who are willing to take risks for the Lord who has healed and saved us!

“Jesus, I want to follow you wherever you go. Help me to live for you.”

Word Among Us