I myself shall give you a wisdom in speaking. 

There’s an old joke that says, “It took me two years to learn how to talk and the rest of my life learning when to shut up.”

How true this is! But it’s just as important to learn when to open our mouths and speak. That’s because God put each of us on this earth to be a prophetic voice announcing his good news. In fact, when you were baptized, you were anointed with chrism and given a share in Jesus’ priestly, prophetic, and kingly mission.

Imagine the privilege of having a “well-trained tongue,” as Isaiah did (50:4). Imagine what it would be like to “utter what is precious,” as Jeremiah did, because you are speaking from the heart of the Lord (15:19). Unfortunately, we all know what it’s like to have our own words and ideas get in the way. Often, it takes wisdom and prayer to know what to say, when to say it, and—most important—how to say it.

This sounds hard, but it’s not impossible. Jesus himself promised that he will give us “a wisdom in speaking,” especially in tense situations when there’s a higher risk for misunderstanding (Luke 21:15). All he asks is that we get in the habit of asking his Holy Spirit to guide us. Even taking just a moment to say a quick prayer before we speak can go a long way!

Of course, God delights in our human intellect and free will. Jesus promised us wisdom to guide us, not a word-for-word script. Through his Spirit, he can soften our hearts so that we don’t speak out of malice or bitterness. He can fill us with his presence so that we convey his love in our own words. He can give us patience so that we don’t speak rashly or out of frustration. He may even give us a stronger sense of what to say—a word or two, perhaps, that will help us guide the conversation in an upbuilding direction.

It’s not impossible to become a prophetic voice in the world. It doesn’t even have to be hard. It just takes a little practice, combined with trust in the Lord and a humble desire to speak his words of consolation and wisdom.

“Here I am, Lord! Help me learn the ‘wisdom in speaking’ that you promise to all who follow you.”

Revelation 15:1-4
Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9
Luke 21:12-19


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