May another take his office

You probably know the story in today’s first reading (Acts 1:20) already.   Jesus had chosen twelve apostles, a way of mirroring and fulfilling the role of the original twelve tribes of Israel.   But when Judas betrayed him and then took his own life, a gap in the number of apostles opened up.   So when the remaining apostles selected two possible candidates and sought God in prayer, he chose Matthias to be the new twelfth apostle.

God loves to fill in gaps, just as he did with St. Matthias.   Whether it’s the gap between him and you, an empty place in your heart, or the distance between what you believe and how you behave, God delights in closing them all.   You might say that’s what living life in the Spirit is all about.

But there’s another kind of gap God loves to address.   Does it seem like there’s something “missing” in your parish?   Maybe the flowers around the altar look like they’re not getting enough water.   Maybe the selection of music seems limited.   Single people might feel left out of family-related activities, or you notice too little emphasis on serving the poor.

If you notice something lacking, that’s a good indication that it’s on God’s heart as well.   And it’s also quite possible that he wants you to do something about it.   So instead of becoming discouraged or worrying about the problem, ask him if there’s something you could do to help fill that gap.

God is endlessly creative, and he may have ideas for you that you never would have thought up yourself.   If you play an instrument, he may be asking you to offer to accompany the choir.   He may prompt you to invite people into your home for a Bible study.   Or he may inspire you to organize an intercessory prayer ministry among those who are homebound.

God used Matthias to fill a clear gap among the apostles.   Are there ways he wants to use you?   Think about the “gaps” you notice in your church.   Then see if the Holy Spirit is inviting you to do something.

Word Among Us