Jesus met them on their way. 

For centuries, believers all over the world have retraced Mary Magdalene’s steps in their own search for the risen Lord.   We’re not talking about a pilgrimage to the Holy Land—although that would be wonderful.   No, we’re talking about something as ordinary as opening the day with prayer.

Let’s play with this analogy a little.   Every morning, you leave the “tomb” of sleep and rise to face the day, just as the two women left the empty tomb right after dawn.   While they were “on their way,” Jesus appeared, just as he wants to come to you.   Whether you’re rushing off to work or shuffling to the breakfast table, he is there with you, inviting you to spend some time with him.

In Scripture, Jesus was the first to speak.   He greeted the women, probably by calling out their names.   Right now, try to imagine him standing before you.   He is calling you by name and saying, “Good morning!   Let’s spend some time together.”   When the women realized who was talking to them, they were overjoyed and knelt before him in awe.

But the encounter wasn’t complete.   Jesus spoke again, this time to the tempest of their emotions: “Don’t be afraid. I’m with you.”   And so it is with us:  When we sense Jesus’ presence, we are amazed that he is so near, and our hearts are filled with joy.   Then Jesus speaks directly to us.   His word brings us peace, fills us with hope, and gives us the strength to face the challenges of our day.   He shares with you the same good news that Mary Magdalene and her friend heard on Easter Sunday: “I am with you.   I will never leave you.   I have defeated death and sin because I love you.”

Every morning, Jesus is waiting to greet you.   He is waiting to encourage you to leave fear behind and to embrace him and his grace.   So make it a point every morning this Easter season to be still and listen for his voice in prayer.   Let him meet you as you’re “on the way” to open a new day.   He has so much to share with you!

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