Knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven has been granted to you. 

Was Jesus starting some kind of exclusive group with his disciples? It might look that way when you read today’s Gospel. After all, the crowds didn’t seem to be granted the same knowledge that the disciples had been given.

But Jesus wasn’t excluding anyone. When he said that the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven were being revealed to the disciples, he was speaking about the special way he was equipping them for their mission to proclaim the gospel and build his Church.

Jesus had chosen the Twelve to be his first and greatest messengers. He knew that they needed a special grace of understanding if they were going to fulfill that calling. So he gave them the privilege of living with him, traveling with him, and witnessing the miracles he worked. All so that they could be as effective as possible when he sent them out.

But now that the Holy Spirit has been poured out, that grace is available to every person who is open to Jesus and his message. No one is excluded; everyone can have the amazing privilege of knowing Jesus and the mysteries of his kingdom. Far from being an exclusive club, the Church is meant to expand and keep expanding. Because God wants everyone to come to know him and to live with him in heaven, he welcomes everyone who turns to him.

Today, consider the tremendous gift that life in the kingdom is. It’s the chance to hear and understand God’s word. It’s a living relationship with the One who has created you, who has redeemed you, who sustains you, and who loves you more than you can imagine. It’s the freedom to live a holy life—a life in the Spirit that starts now and extends into eternity. And it’s the opportunity to share this grace with everyone who is hungry for God’s love and mercy.

These are just some of the “mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 13:11). And they’re yours to receive in greater and greater amounts every time you come to him. “Blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear” (13:16)!

“Thank you, Lord, for bringing me into your kingdom! Help me share this gift with everyone I meet.”

Exodus 19:1-2, 9-11, 16-20
(Psalm) Daniel 3:52-56
Matthew 13:10-17


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