Moses and Elijah . . . spoke of his exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem. 

The Transfiguration of the Lord (Feast)

There are so many amazing things happening in this scene that it’s easy to miss one important detail:   Moses and Elijah are having a conversation with Jesus.   Luke even tells us what they were talking about: Jesus’ coming passion, death, and resurrection.

Jesus had just spoken to his disciples about the fate that awaited him in Jerusalem (Luke 9:22).   He probably didn’t find it easy to talk about it, and he wasn’t getting much comfort or support from his closest friends.   The disciples didn’t really get it.   Why would the Messiah have to suffer in such a way?

So perhaps God sent Moses and Elijah to him on the mountaintop not just for the disciples but for Jesus as well.   Surely their conversation with him must have encouraged Jesus.   Moses had faced his own exodus.   Elijah had been taken up to heaven, just as Jesus would be at his ascension.   Everything in the Law and the prophets had led up to this very moment.

The Father also knew that as Jesus approached his passion, he would need a powerful sign that he would not be going through it alone.   So he said, “This is my chosen Son,” echoing the words he had spoken at Jesus’ baptism, when he was just beginning his public ministry ((Luke 9:35; 3:22).   Imagine how much comfort and encouragement this event gave to Jesus!

If God cared for his Son in such a profound way, of course he will care for you.   You too are his beloved, his chosen one.   When you are facing difficult times or even just trying to navigate the ups and downs of life, your Father wants to encourage you.   He probably won’t speak in an audible voice, but he will reassure you of his love, his comfort, and his support.   He may do it through the steadfast presence of a friend or spouse, or through a Scripture verse that speaks to your heart.   He may give you some small sign that you should persevere on the path you’re on, even when you’re tempted to doubt.

This is your Father, a God who loves you passionately and will always, always care for you.

“Father, help me to see all the ways you are reaching out to me today.”

Word Among Us