. . . ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks. 

Are you ready?

The question arises at every important transition.    Are you ready to go to college?   To start a new job?   To welcome a baby?   To retire?   Facing this question, we may list all the preparations we’ve made in the hope that we’ll be able to handle the future that lies before us.

But there are always surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant.   Nothing can prepare first-time parents for the all-encompassing effects of sleep deprivation or for the overwhelming love that floods them when they gaze at their newborn.   The best advice you could ever receive about preparing for parenting is to expect the unexpected.   You won’t be disappointed that way, and you’ll savor every unexpected blessing even more.

A similar thing happens to the servants in Scripture (Luke 12:36).   They gird their loins.   They light their lamps and listen for their master’s knock.   They keep dinner warm, and they’re ready to hang up his cloak and wash his feet when he shows up.   They are all set to serve their master as they have always done.   In a sense, they’re expecting the expected.

But then comes the surprise.   When they hear that knock and hurry to open the door, the master commends them for being ready.   Then he tells them to sit down at the table.   “Tonight I’m going to wait on you!”

How will the Master surprise you today?

Yes, do all you can to be ready to carry out your responsibilities today.   Do everything possible to make sure you are obeying God’s commands and loving other people as he has loved you.   But at the same time, be sure to hold your heart in readiness.   God is full of surprises.   He may give you an unexpected token of his love.   He may fill you with the inspiration to do something you don’t usually do, like share your faith.   He may call your attention to one of his children who needs your comfort, your correction, or your prayer.

Don’t limit what God can do for you, in you, and through you.   Life with him is full of surprises!

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