She, from her poverty, has contributed all she had.

On the first day of a Bible study at a suburban parish, the participants introduced themselves and described what ministries they participated in at the church. The group was filled with active, engaged parishioners. There were lectors, singers, pro-life volunteers, and many more. But one elderly woman said, “Unfortunately, my health prevents me from doing too much. Still, I try to spend as much time as I can praying for people. So share your prayer requests with me; I promise to pray for you.” The other people at the table who knew her nodded in agreement. This was her gift to them.

Doesn’t this woman remind you of the poor widow in today’s Gospel reading? She didn’t have the energy to participate as actively as the others in the Bible study, but she still gave what she could—and as much as she could. Similarly, this widow gave very little to the Temple treasury, but her generous spirit shone so brightly that it touched Jesus’ heart.

How many times have you felt like either of these women? Either you were so occupied with just making ends meet or you had so many obligations at home or at work that kept you from giving much to the Lord. But just like these two devoted women, you don’t have to let your limitations hold you back from giving something to the Lord or the people around you.

Today may be a day of poverty for you. You may be working through an illness, or you may have no wiggle room that will allow you to reach out to other people or to spend extra time in prayer. But that doesn’t mean that the day is lost or that God is unhappy with you. With a little creativity and a firm faith in a loving God, you can find a way to give some of what little you have. Even a quick prayer for a friend or a short text message offering encouragement can bear great fruit. If it is a sacrifice of love, God will bless it!

“Lord, help me find ways to share a portion of however much or little time and energy I have today.”

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20
(Psalm) Tobit 13:2, 6-8
Mark 12:38-44


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