We speak God’s wisdom…for our glory.

St. Paul had a special talent for packing a lot of information into a few sentences. First, Paul uses the word “mystery” to explain God’s plan. We usually use the word “mystery” to describe something beyond our comprehension, something we can not explain. But that is not what Paul means. He is speaking about something concealed, not confounding. And that mystery is God’s plan to save us through his Son, Jesus.

Paul goes on to say that what was once concealed has now been made known, but many failed to accept it. For them, the gospel has become either a “stumbling block” or “foolishness”.

But that is not us! The mystery of God’s plan has been revealed to us – through the Scriptures, through the Church, and most powerfully, through Jesus himself.

Paul goes on to say that this mystery, this plan of God, is so grand that it includes God’s desire to glorify us.

Think of the kind of transformation that lies behind these words. Whether Paul is speaking about our being glorified once we reach heaven or our being changed into God’s image while on earth, the key words are “for our glory”. What an amazing promise!

Only one response can match such a wonderful plan: to offer the Lord our hearts in worship and praise every day. So do not let these words slip by too quickly when you hear them proclaimed at Mass. Take them into your heart, and treasure them all day long. Fix this truth in your heart today, and let if fill you with wonder. You are destined to be – and you are becoming – glorious and magnificent. You are becoming holy. Not only that, but you are going to be great and awesome in heaven – no matter how small and insignificant you may feel here on earth.

-word among us