The Kingdom of God . . . is like a mustard seed that . . . springs up and becomes the largest of plants.

Why did Jesus use a mustard seed as an analogy for the kingdom of God? Perhaps because he knew that God often works by planting a tiny seed of an idea in our hearts, which then grows into something big through the action of the Holy Spirit.

The life of St. John Bosco provides an example of how a tiny mustard seed of an aspiration can grow into a large plant. The “seed” planted by this nineteenth-century priest was an idea to provide spiritual and practical help to the poorest, most disadvantaged boys in his hometown of Turin, Italy. Bosco’s work in that city multiplied to other areas, and eventually into the establishment of the Salesian religious order. These brothers and priests, along with a congregation of Salesian sisters, still devote themselves to the care and teaching of young people throughout the whole world.

Here’s another, more recent example. In April 2020, a ninety-nine-year-old British World War II veteran, Captain Tom Moore, decided to raise money for the National Health System as a way to support the many people falling ill with COVID-19. His modest goal was to raise $1,250 before his one-hundredth birthday—a few weeks away—by walking one hundred laps in his garden with his walker. But as word spread about this remarkable gentleman, his tiny seed of an idea grew way beyond his expectations. Eventually, 1.5 million people donated to his cause, raising over $40 million!

Perhaps Jesus has planted a tiny mustard seed in your heart or in the heart of someone you know and trust. If so, as you bring the idea to prayer, consider what the next step might be. Is there some small action you can do to start things off? As you follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, you might be surprised to see this little seed grow. You might even witness something amazing happen from that tiny seed of faith!

“Jesus, help me be open to the ideas you plant in my heart.”

Hebrews 10:32-39
Psalm 37:3-6, 23-24, 39-40
Mark 4:26-34


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