The sower sows the word. 

Perhaps when you read or hear this parable, you focus on the different kinds of soils or the environments, in which the seeds fall.   Maybe you wonder which one of these soils best fits you, and you hope that you are like the good soil that produces abundantly.   But how about seeing yourself as the sower instead?   Maybe it’s worth considering how you are doing in the call to sow the word of God into the people around you.

If there is one word that characterizes the sower in this parable, it is generous.   This fellow spreads his seeds everywhere!   He doesn’t seem all that concerned about where the seed will fall.   He just casts it to and fro.

Isn’t this a great image for how we should view evangelization?   Shouldn’t we be generous, almost indiscriminate, in the way we share God’s word and his promises?   We don’t have to worry about where the seeds may fall or the “soil quality” of the people with whom we share the word.   It shouldn’t matter whether we think the ground is too hard, too weedy, too thorny, or just right.   It’s the Lord who gives the growth, not us (1 Corinthians 3:6-7).   All we have to worry about is imitating the generosity of the sower.

Think for a moment how many other seeds the devil, the world, and the flesh are sowing.   There’s nothing stingy in their tactics.  Shouldn’t we counter all these poisonous seeds with the seeds of the gospel?

The need is great, so don’t be intimidated.   And by all means, don’t feel outnumbered or defeated.   God has promised to be with you always as you spread his word.

So how are you going to sow today?   What opportunities will you seize to spread the seeds of the gospel?   They’re all around.   Keep your eyes open, and ask the Lord to help you see ways you can creatively witness to his love.   Who knows?   He may even give you brothers and sisters in Christ who are just as zealous as you to proclaim the word in season and out!

Word Among Us