There is another who testifies. 

According to Jewish tradition, even God himself observes the Sabbath as a day of rest—but with one exception: he still gives life on the Sabbath. And so when Jesus healed a man on a Sabbath, some of his opponents objected and accused him of breaking the Law of Moses. But Jesus answered, in effect, “I restored life to a sick man; shouldn’t that tell you who I am?” That declaration would have caused quite a reaction in his critics’ minds because they would have understood Jesus to mean that he was on a similar, perhaps even equal, plane as God.

He did mean that. Jesus was saying that just as God his Father was working, so he too was working—to give life (John 5:17). And how did he give life? By healing the sick, making the lame walk and the blind see (4:50; 5:9; 9:11). Before his opponents’ very eyes, Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophecies that the coming of God among them would be heralded by life-giving works (Isaiah 35:4-6). Even today, God hasn’t stopped working. Day in and day out, he is still giving life to his people—giving life to you!

Have you seen him at work? Every time you’ve experienced healing—of a physical illness or an emotional wound or a broken relationship—he is at work giving life to you. Any time you have been freed from the guilt of your sins or received insight into God’s love for you, Jesus is at work giving you life. These works testify that Jesus is the Son of God, who is consubstantial (one in being) with the Father. They testify to the power and love of God for you.

God is not bound by human limitations of place and time. Jesus is always working to give life to you, when and where you need it. On the Sabbath, he can give life. On holidays, wedding days, or even Thursdays, Jesus can give you life. So ask him today to free you from sin and to give you life in abundance (John 10:10).

“Thank you, Jesus, that you are always bestowing life on me.”

Exodus 32:7-14
Psalm 106:19-23
John 5:31-47


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