They gave a dinner for him

Imagine hosting a dinner party to say “Thank you” to a fireman who helped save your life.  You welcome him into your home and ask what you can get him to drink; you want to do everything you can to show your gratitude.  Later on, when there’s a pause in the conversation, you try to express how much it means to have him there—the man who gave your life back to you.  But you can’t say enough.  Words fall short.

We all respond differently in moments of deep emotion or gratitude.  Some people fall silent, while others laugh or even break out into song.  Look at Lazarus and his sisters as an example. Each of them responded to Jesus—the person who raised Lazarus from the dead—in different yet equally moving ways.  Lazarus hosted Jesus and his disciples. Martha kept the food and drink flowing.  And Mary anointed him with costly perfume.

Just like Lazarus, you have received life because of Jesus.  He’s the hero who has eternally saved you from sin—along with everyone else who has faith in him.  He is the One who saw you in distress, entered into your world, and rescued you from everything that was threatening you.  And like the firefighter, he risked his own life so that you could have another chance at life.

This is also the One who comes to dine with you at the Eucharistic banquet.  Day after day, week after week, he accepts your invitation and comes to share a meal with you.  It doesn’t matter to him whether your celebration is grand or humble, filled with guests or a more intimate affair.  Just as he was happy to rescue you, he is happy to spend time with you.

This week try to carve out time to attend at least one of the Holy Week services:  the Stations of the Cross or the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday.  Or spend some time in quiet adoration before the tabernacle.  This is your opportunity to tell Jesus how grateful you are and how much he means to you.  If you are making your offering in love and gratitude—no matter what that offering is—it will be a precious anointing for Jesus.

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