They reported what God had done with them. 

A recent survey polled 2,000 people who do not attend any church service.   The survey gauged their agreement with this statement:  “If a friend of mine really values their faith, I don’t mind them talking about it.”   Would it surprise you to know that roughly 80 percent agreed with that statement?   “If faith is important to you,” the survey concluded, “then your friends will be interested in hearing about it.”

This is good news:   you can share your story;   people really are interested when you talk about God’s work in your life.   They’re interested in hearing about how he answered your prayers or how he helped you stay peaceful during a stormy season.   We hear so many negative stories on the news; it’s refreshing to hear a good report!

So what might happen when we share our stories?

Sharing our stories can inspire joy.

In Scripture, Paul and Barnabas were just sharing stories about how God was moving among them.   The same goes for us.   Our stories point to the goodness of God.   They point to the encouraging truth that God is on our side.   Sometimes we’re encouraged by remembering our history with God—even if no one else is!

Sharing our stories can build faith.

When you share what God has done for you, it can help other people accept the fact that God is still working today.   They might find something that relates to their own life.   Then, they may dare to believe, “God did it for them. Maybe he can do it for me too.”   In this way, telling our stories can be a tool to draw people closer to God.

Finally, sharing our stories can point people toward Jesus.

Our goal in speaking about the Lord isn’t to say, “Look at me!”   Rather, it’s to encourage, “Look at Jesus.   He is so good.”   Sure, it takes a little courage.   But God is right by your side, ready to help you.

Don’t worry if you feel a little timid about sharing your faith.   Most people do.   Just remember: people are interested in your stories.   What’s more, the Holy Spirit is with you.   Giving a good report encourages everyone—even you!

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