They saw the child. 

An epiphany is a sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something.   The birth of a child can be an epiphany that suddenly makes us understand love and responsibility in a new way.   A doctor’s warning about health issues can be an epiphany that causes us to change the way we eat.   And a Scripture passage, homily, or spiritual book can be an epiphany that helps us see Jesus in an unexpected, new way.

The Greek word epiphania means “manifestation.”   Last Week, we celebrated Epiphany Sunday, we read about  how God manifested his glory to the Magi.   First, they saw a star and chose to follow it all the way to Jesus.   Second, when they found Jesus, the Magi knelt down to worship him and pay him homage.   Third, the Magi went home changed.

This pattern can be the same for your life. God visits the earth on a daily basis.   You might say he never left!   Every day he stands at the door of your heart and asks, “Can I come in?” (Revelation 3:20).   The Magi didn’t have to follow the star.   They chose to follow the star.   You have the same choice to open the door to God.

When the Magi saw Jesus’ divinity, they worshipped him.   Later this week, while you are at Mass, let the divinity of Christ move you to worship.   Contemplate who Jesus is and all that he has done for you.   Kneel before him—baby in a manger or Savior on a cross—and let joy and gratitude fill you, just as the Magi experienced.

Finally, the Magi were changed by what they saw.   We know they changed routes to avoid Herod.   But even more, imagine how hard it was for them to go home and return to “normal.”   They had seen the glory of God, and nothing would be the same again!

Your life can be changed by this very pattern: seeing and worshipping Jesus and receiving a new insight from the Spirit will always improve the way you think, act, and relate to other people.

Word Among Us