Where can anyone get enough bread to satisfy them? 

Wait, who asked this question? We’d expected it from someone in the crowd whose stomach was empty and grumbling. Or from one of Jesus’ critics anticipating a stumble on his part. How surprising that it came from Jesus’ own disciples!

Why didn’t these men trust Jesus? After all, they had already seen him feed a similar crowd (Mark 6:34-44). But before we are too quick to judge them, let’s take a little closer look. The disciples knew that Jesus had worked miracles through the power of God. They also knew that God had done similar miracles through men like Moses and Elijah. If Jesus was a prophet like them, then he, too, could work miracles. But in every situation? That seemed to be too much. They didn’t yet know who Jesus really was. They didn’t realize that he had unlimited resources and boundless generosity, and so they hadn’t yet learned to hope in him for their every need.

We’ve seen God work in our lives; we’ve received many blessings. Yet when we are faced with a new or challenging dilemma, that same question often dominates our minds: “How can I get this need satisfied”? Like the disciples, we can work through various scenarios of how to provide for ourselves and forget how good and powerful he is!

So why would we put off bringing our needs to Jesus? He wants us to come to him first—not as a last resort, but right away, when we first realize our need. He isn’t put off by a “big ask” because no need is too big for God. In today’s Gospel, four thousand people ate until they were full, with seven baskets left over (Mark 8:8-9)!

Today in prayer, choose a situation that has been troubling you. Then come to Jesus and ask him to supply your need. He is with you and knows what you lack. Even if you have to wait for an answer, put your trust in him. He is a God of abundance, and he will not disappoint!

“Jesus, help me to remember to go to you first for all that I need.”

1 Kings 12:26-32; 13:33-34
Psalm 106:6-7, 19-22
Mark 8:1-10


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