Without hindrance Paul proclaimed the Kingdom of God. 

You’ve got to admire St. Paul.   Persecutor turned evangelist, he founded churches across the Mediterranean world and labored hard to welcome Gentile believers into the fold.   Now, under house arrest, with a soldier standing guard, Paul still continued to proclaim the gospel.   Nothing hindered him from sharing about Jesus.

Didn’t this man ever grow weary?   Didn’t he ever feel tempted to give up or to think he had done enough?   He must have, at times—he was only human.

So what was his secret?   “I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me”.

You might not feel that you exude the confidence or possess the skill that Paul possessed.   You may never speak to crowds or perform miracles or lead churches.   But you can still proclaim the Lord in small ways.   You can speak about him in your home, your parish, and your business by learning to rely on the same power that Paul relied on:   the strength that comes from Jesus.

Don’t ever sell God short!   He has the strength you need to overcome any fear of reaching out to people.   He can help you rise above the busyness of life so that you feel free to perform an act of kindness when the need arises.   He can support you in your challenges and give you energy when you feel weary—even if all you can muster is a smile for your neighbor.

What opportunities might present themselves to you today?   Maybe you have been meaning to call a friend, but can’t seem to find the time.   Perhaps you feel that you should gather your family for a few minutes of prayer, but you’re not sure how to proceed.   Or maybe you’ve noticed someone at work who could use a friendly word, but you feel sheepish in starting a conversation.   Ask the Holy Spirit to give you just a bit more courage or insight or patience. Then take a deep breath, and take whatever you think the next step should be. Start small, and lean on his strength.   As you do, you’ll discover that, like Paul, God will give you what you need to proclaim his goodness to the people around you.

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