You yourselves have been taught by God to love one another

Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“Lord, teach me how to love as you love!

“Thank you for loving me just as I am.   You loved me even before I was conceived, when you saw all of my days—the bad as well as the good.   You loved me before I did a single thing to earn your love.   You persisted in loving me even when I turned away from you and did not follow your ways.   You loved me enough to become flesh so that I could see and touch your love in action.   You loved me so much that you went all the way into death to rescue me from my sin.

“Lord, help me to love the people in my family.   I should know best how to serve them, but I so often take them for granted.   I fail to notice the support and encouragement they need.   I so quickly become irritated with their flaws instead of forgiving or forbearing.   Help me to be more of an instrument of your love to them.   Teach me to love as you love.

“Lord, help me to love my colleagues as well, those with whom I worship, study, or work.   Help me take the time to get to know them:   what concerns weigh on them outside of the time we spend together.   Remind me to intercede for their loved ones and to lift up the decisions they face.   Teach me to love as you love.

“Lord, help me not to turn aside from the people I encounter who seem so different from me.   I know you love every one of them, regardless of their age, their race, their living situation, or their challenges.   You long for them to have a relationship with you.   Help me to make meaningful contact with them and to show them the respect and honor you have for them.   Teach me to love as you love.

“Lord, there are so many people whom I will never meet.   Many of them are in distressing situations.   Show me how to pray for them.   Show me some practical steps I can take to make the world a better place for them.   Teach me how to see them as my brothers and sisters in you.   Teach me to love as you love.”

“Jesus, teach me to love!”

Psalm 98:1, 7-9
Matthew 25:14-30

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