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Come, and you will see

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Religious (Memorial)   Come, and you will see.    Has anyone ever asked you a question like this:   “What are your greatest hopes and dreams?”   Big-idea questions might leave you feeling like a deer caught in the headlights—you just freeze and don’t know how to answer. Today’s Gospel (John 1:39) finds the first apostles in a similar situation.   John the Baptist points them to Jesus, so they follow, not knowing...

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Come, Holy Spirit; bring us together in unity

The community of believers was of one heart and mind Why did the early Christians decide to share all that they had with one another?   The short answer is the Holy Spirit.   After Pentecost, the followers of Jesus decided to place everything in common—property, possessions, and money—so that no one would suffer from lack.   Motivated by love, they wanted to make sure that personal possessions posed no stumbling blocks to their unity. God wants...

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Come… Holy Spirit

Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, answered them Maybe you’ve noticed this character who keeps appearing throughout Acts.   He’s usually in the background, avoiding the limelight.   He has almost no speaking parts, and yet he always manages to get in on the action.   The evidence of his presence is on every page.   He is the Holy Spirit, of course! Today’s first reading (Acts 4:8) is a perfect example of the major role that the Holy...

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